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nose piercing
facial microdermal piercing
medusa piercing
industrial piercing
navel piercing
lip piercing
The Tattooing Viking performing a piercing.

Piercing is a huge part of body modification. There allot of people who want various piercings. It doesn't matter if you want your ears pierced or a micro-dermal, it is important to have the right person do it. There are some that have gone to places in the past and have had a piercing gun used on them. Here at Anvil Ink and Art, we do not use them for several reasons. Typically these guns are not able to be fully sterilized. Additionally, the needles are much sharper and cause less trauma to the body then piercing guns do. We make sure that your piercing is done with the highest quality jewelry and is always done in the most sterile way possible. If your wondering about the prices to get a piercing by me you can check them out here.

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