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Piercing Aftercare


1.For oral Piercings

Swish a sea salt water solution inside of your mouth 2x daily. Be sure to use Listerine mouth wash after smoking, eating, oral sex, or drinking anything. It is important to maintain regular cleaning for a minimum of 6 weeks to prevent infection. Wait 6-8 weeks before changing jewelry.

2. Body Piercings

Before cleaning your new piercing make sure that your hands are thoroughly washed with antibacterial soap. Soak a cotton ball with warm soapy water and place over the piercing to loosen any dried blood or plasma. Clean the piercing area using a q-tip soaked in warm soapy water, be sure to clean all around the piercing area. Soak the area with warm salt water as this will help speed up the healing process. Clean your piercing a minimum of 2x daily. It is important to clean your piercing after you get out of the shower since things like body washes can irritate the piercing. Continue this process for a minimum of 6x weeks to reduce the chance of infection. Wait 6-8 weeks before changing jewelry

Washing hands

3. Micro-Dermals

navel piercing

Warning- Micro-dermals are prone to rejection! These care instructions will help reduce the chance of rejection. Clean your dermal carefully. Avoid rubbing the area or getting it snagged in a loofah as these may pull your dermal. Clean your dermal using a q-tip and warm soapy water. Soak the piercing using a salt water mixture 2x daily. Additionally, with dermal piercings it is recommended to set the piercing several times throughout the day. ( Press on the center of the piercing straight into your skin, this helps prevent the skin from pushing the jewelry out.) Nightly, place a band-aid, the non stick part, over the dermal. This will help prevent scratching or pulling at the jewelry during your sleep. Maintain this cleaning process for a minimum of 2 months. Please see us to change out the dermal head or for removal.

4.Recommended Products

Dial gold antibacterial soap        

Morton’s Fine Sea Salt       

Distilled water  


5.Sea-Salt Solution

Mix ¼ teaspoon of natural sea salt into 1 cup room temperature distilled water use mixture to soak the piercing 2x daily.

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