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A little bit about who we are...

 You may find your self asking why is a tattoo and piercing shop in Fayetteville, NC. using the name Anvil? What about an anvil is connected to tattooing? Well, for us the answer to that question was simple. The anvil has always been an important part of a blacksmiths tools. Forging metal into tools, weapons, and everyday items. There was a process to forming these things, much like their is in tattooing. Blacksmiths have always been and will continue to be craftsmen.

That was our influence when we opened Anvil Ink and Art. We are craftsmen. We forge the best tattoos. Just like blacksmiths there is a lot of pride and skill that goes into each and every piece we do. 

We want to make sure that when you leave our shop, you love your new tattoo or piercing.  

We take sanitation seriously! Cleanliness is second to none when choosing a tattoo or piercing shop. Your safety and well being are at the top of our concerns. We will gladly discuss all of our sanitation procedures with you. As well as answer any and all questions you may have. All of our artists have been tattooing full time for many years, and are all blood borne pathogen and CPR certified.

Choosing a new tattoo shop or a new artist can be overwhelming! There are allot of shops around that all claim to be the best tattoo shop in Fayetteville, or the highest rated, we prefer to go a different route. We want to let you make that decision for yourself. We understand the anxiety that can be caused going into a new shop. We encourage everyone who walks into our shop to look at our portfolios to make the most informed decision. We invite all of you to stop by and give us a look and experience our hospitality. At Anvil Ink and Art we work hard for you to  become your new tattoo home!

Make Anvil Ink and Art the shop to get your next tattoo!

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